The Concept

SelectaDNA is made from a synthetic DNA that is unique to you.  It is not your own personal DNA - no one is going to take a swab from your mouth.

SelectaDNA products contain real DNA but are referred to as “Synthetic” to differentiate it from Human DNA. SelectaDNA is simply a series of unique combinations of A (Adenine), C (Cytosine), G (Guanine) and T (Thymine). The synthetic DNA used in SelectaDNA is short-chain, making it far more robust than human DNA



Each DNA code used in SelectaDNA products is completely unique so that every marking kit, grease, gel or spray we supply has its own forensic signature.  This means that your solution will be different to every other pottle of solution ever made.

The DNA laced solution is a waterbased product that has a UV Tracer in it.  The Property Marking Kit uses a glue like substance that acts similarly to PVA Glue.  There are small microdots suspended within the DNA laced glue that has your specific code printed on it.  The solution dries hard and clear - it is virtually invisible to the naked eye.

The Spray version uses the same DNA coding as the Property Marking solution, but is a water-based liquid, not a glue.  The solution sprays out of the dispenser in a fine mist, covering an offender while they are in the act of leaving a building.

All versions of SelectaDNA become visible when placed under UV light by glowing bright blue.  It isn't easily removed and stays on marked items indefinately, clothing for 6 months, and on a persons skin for 10-14 days.  There have been instances where people have been linked to a crime scene many months after committing the offence purely through the presence of SelectaDNA.

Police can scane for traces of the DNA solution making SelectaDNA one of the most effective crime deterants available today. Using registration details on our secure online database, Police can easily link a stolen item with it's rightful owner or, in the case of robbery, link an offender to a crime scene.

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