Taking Australia by storm

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

We've really caused a stir across the Tasman with the introduction of the DNA Spray Systems into McDonalds, and as a result we've had heaps of coverage in the media.  From large newspapers, to local bulletins, to YouTube video, we've managed to provoke thought and comment from a wide range of communities.  Some of it's been serious, some more tongue and cheek.  So to make sure that you too see how creative some people have been, read (and watch) below.




Michael Worbux – What the Friday News (YouTube) – starts at 4.14

The Daily News – The Right Edition (YouTube) – starts 2.14

The Simian Monologues

Next Media Animation (YouTube)

The Sunday Telegraph

HLN: The News and Views Network

The Mt Druitt Standard

Retail Biz


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