Crime-fighting DNA spray on McDonald's menu

Thursday, 4 October 2012



McDONALD'S wants to implement crime-fighting DNA spray in Melbourne stores.

The global fast-food chain tested the hi-tech invisible solution at six NSW restaurants and labelled it a success.

Fleeing thieves are blasted with an invisible spray during robberies. The product remains on the suspect's skin for weeks, while it clings on to clothing for up to six months.

McDonald's director of quality assurance, equipment and workplace safety Tracey Monaghan said the system could be rolled out nationwide after the NSW trial sites noticed reduced crime rates.

"The trial of SelectaDNA has been a great success," Ms Monaghan said.

"The safety of our customers and crew is paramount ... as such, we regularly review and update our security procedures."

The spray is described as cutting-edge security technology and has already proved to be a deterrent for criminals.

Despite all stores equipped with CCTV, theft is still a serious problem for the global fast-food chain. Melbourne stores have been targeted by crime groups.

In September, two armed bandits robbed a McDonald's restaurant in Morwell and a McDonald's store manager was viciously bashed with a hammer in Laverton North last year.

The spray, which was developed by a police officer and a chemist in the United Kingdom, has been used in Britain and Europe.

Police only have to use an ultraviolet light to check suspects for evidence.

The non-toxic, non-allergenic spray meets Australian standards.

About SelectaDNA

SLS Security Group Pty sells patented DNA security solutions to protect property, assets, critical infrastructure and people. SelectaDNA provides a forensic chain of evidence which can be used to identify property and link criminals to crime scenes. SelectaDNA is the World’s No.1 brand in forensic coding and is available in over 20 countries.