Beat the odds, reduce your chance of burglary


Everyone has assets they want to look after - from household goods such as TV's, jewellery and antiques, to the office equipment including computers and laptops. There is a wide variety of valuable items that need to be uniquely identified and protected from theft.

Taking Action Against Asset Theft

SelectaDNA is a forensic marking system which comes in kit form for domestic and commercial use. The product contains a liquid specifically DNA-coded to each individual customer or company, and which can be easily applied to any items of value. The liquid also contains thousands of unique microdots, allowing the Police two ways to identify marked items. If equipment is stolen and later found, Police can link it directly with the crime scene, not only allowing the property to be returned to its owner, but also increasing the chance of convicting the thieves.

SelectaDNA is not only being used by households globally to prevent and deter burglary, but also by many schools, hospitals and businesses that own expensive and vital equipment.





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