Personal Protection

More and more individuals arerequired to work outside traditional office hours, sometimes on their own andin a variety of locations. Companies have a duty of care to protect and monitorall their staff when working, wherever they may be.

Taking Action To Protect Yourself

The SelectaDNA DefenceSpray is a compact, handheld spray that can be used to prevent and deterpersonal attack. It is ideal for use by lone workers, security guards,shopkeepers, nightclub door staff, public transport employees and policeofficers on neighbourhood patrol.

It can be operated withone hand, using a thumb or forefinger to press down on the canister which thendirectly sprays the attacker/offender with a uniquely-coded synthetic DNA spraythat marks skin and clothing in the same way as the SelectaDNA Spray. This thenallows the Police to link an offender back to a crime they were involved in.


Safer Shopping At Westfield

The SelectaDNA Defence Spray is being used by security staff inEurope's largest urban shopping malls. The handheld spray is being used bysecurity guards at the giant Westfield Shopping Centres in Shepherds Bush, westLondon, and Stratford, east London. It is also being used to discourageanti-social behaviour in nightclub venues across the UK and is being deployedby Neighbourhood Policing Teams on the beat.