Protecting from metal theft

One of the fastest growing crimes in the UK is metal theft. Copper, lead, stainless steel, aluminium and scrap iron are being targeted by thieves looking to cash in quickly. An increase in demand for these metals from Asian markets has created a thriving international scrap trade, driving prices sky-high. Copper theft is of particular concern, with thieves targeting gas pipes, electrical wiring, copper cable, lightning conductors and flashing that can all be stripped from void properties, industrial buildings, offices, building sites and even public areas. The metal is then sold on to scrap yard dealers for profit.

Taking Action Against Metal Theft

SelectaDNA’s range of forensic marking products can help deter metal theft in the first instance, but in the event of a crime, identify the thieves responsible, giving Police the indisputable proof they need to bring criminals to justice.

Derailing Metal Theft

With estimates that cable theft from railways has cost the UK economy £1 billion, the crime wave continues with up to eight cases of attempted rail metal theft a day. Aside from the obvious dangers associated with the crime, metal theft has also caused the delay or cancellation of over 35,000 rail services in the last year alone.


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