SelectaDNA Trace

SelectaDNA Trace - for the protection and identification of valuable metals and outdoor equipment.

SelectaDNA Trace is a high tech asset/infrastructure marking solution which consists of a group of ceramic particles and thousands of holographic microdots.

The particle are ready by our special scanner whcih shines light onto them and measure their refraction. The scanner does not require any special skilsl to use.

The SelectaDNA Trace scanner can be programmed to show the client's namewhen their code is read.

The SelectaDNA Trace spray contains a UV tracer, so by simply shining a UV torch over a marked item, a blue fluorescence will indicate the presence of Trace solution. This code can then be read either by applying a SelectaDNA Trace scanner to the surface or by taking a scraping of the lacquer and reading it with a scanner later.

Used by local authorities, Police and small, medium and large businesses, SelectaDNA Trace can also be used on a smaller scale, with a generic Trace code being used to authenticate the mark is a genuine SelectaDNA product and the holographic microdots prove ownership.

This unique ability to identify SelectaDNA Trace codes and metal microdots without the need for laboratory analysis sets SelectaDNA Trace apart from other chemical markers.

SelectaDNA Trace can assist organisations in the following areas:

Metal theft from:

  • Utility companies
  • Railway infrastructure
  • Government property (road signs, drain covers etc.)
  • Businesses
  • Churches (lead roofs, memorial plaques etc.)

 Equipment theft from:

  • Building sites
  • Plant and equipment hire companies
  • Local authorities
  • Businesses
  • Farms