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Q. What exactly does the product comprise of?
A. Each pot contains a unique synthetic DNA held in a water-based UV adhesive, containing hundreds of microdots.
Q. Is selectaDNA totally secure, and if so what makes it so?
A. Yes, it is the only totally secure Forensic Coding solution on the market. It cannot be analysed without prior knowledge of the ‘Key Codes’, and therefore can’t be copied by any third party. Furthermore, as it is made from synthetic DNA, the number of possible unique codes is infinite.
Q. Is the DNA safe?
A. Yes, it is environmentally safe and non-toxic.
Q. Why does selectaDNA contain a UV tracer?
A. So if a stolen item is recovered, the police can easily locate the DNA with a UV lamp in order to take a sample for analysis.
Q. What information is held on the microdots?
A. The customers unique selectaDNA registration code, along with our LPS1224 database telephone number, where the customers details are held.
Q. What do the microdots look like?
A. They are tiny pin-head sized flat circular dots which are just visible to the naked eye. Under a microscope you are able to read the unique customer code and database phone number.
Q. Is the database totally secure?
A. Yes, it conforms to the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s standards, so it is totally secure and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to the Police.
Q. Is there an annual licence fee associated with the database?
A. No, there are no annual charges or renewal fees. The only cost of the selectaDNA product is the one-off purchase price.
Q. So does that mean that any marked item is registered for its entire life?
A. Yes it does.
Q. Why should we use the warning labels and window stickers?
A. These act as a superb theft deterrent as they warn thieves, from both inside and outside the building, that items are ‘DNA Protected’. The warning labels are tamper resistant so break up into tiny pieces if removal is attempted.
Q. What happens if I sell or give away a marked item?
A. By informing Selectamark of the details of the item and the new owner, we will keep a record of this on the database.
Q. What happens if a thief manages to remove all the Microdots from a stolen item?
A. By applying the solution to grooves, crevices and textured surfaces, a trace of the adhesive (containing both the UV Tracer and DNA) will always be available for forensic analysis.
Q. What standards and accreditations does Selectamark have?
A. Selectamark are ISO 9001-2008 accredited, and have LPS 1224 accreditation for their secure database. They were established in 1985 and hold a Secured by Design licence.