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Many insurance companies offer discounts to customers who mark their property, it is always good to check with your insurer or broker as you may be entitled to a reduction in premium if you protect your property or vehicles with SelectaDNA.

You should mention to your insurer that SelectaDNA is a forensic marking system that is:

  • Police Approved through the Secured by Design accreditation scheme
  • Vehicle Security Approved through the Thatcham accreditation scheme
  • An Insurance Approved Property Database through the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s LPS1224 accreditation scheme


SelectaDNA is an approved Security Supplier to Hiscox.

Hiscox are a leader in specialist insurance, they have a long history and expertise in providing insurance cover for homes and businesses and their contents, valuables and collections. They currently provide insurance for over 60,000 homes in the UK, along with extensive business insurance to over 150,000 SMEs, professionals and consultants.